Datel Game Talk Pro 2 Wireless Headset: Reviewed


I feel I ought to update this briefly.

Although my own experience with this headset was a very positive one, and the price for a wireless set can’t be knocked, others have had varying degrees of joy and pain with it. Before deciding to purchase it’s be a good idea to have a read through some of the comments left on this review to give a more balanced view on the Datel Game Talk Pro 2.

A couple of days ago I decided it was time for a new headset for the 360. This was largely due to the amount of official headsets that lay broken in the kitchen drawer, some within days of first seeing any action, and also due to the fact that I’m a hater of wires and my Turtle Beach X11′s come chock full of ‘em. Oh, and the fact that I can’t use the X11′s with the HDMI without purchasing an adaptor.

Anyway, for whatever reason, it was time for a new set, and after a brief nosey around at what was available and within my lower end budget, I plumped for the Datel Game Talk Pro 2 Wireless set…….and what a great choice it’s turned out to be!

Coming in at a very reasonable £39.99 and being completely wireless I decided to go for it. Bearing in mind the Turtle Beach set had set me back an extra tenner and were wired I did consider this a bit of a gamble, but soon as the opening chords of CoD3 kicked in all my worries were gone.

The sound quality is superb, the games come to life with the rich, deep and crystal clear sonics booming away, it’s comfortably on a par with the aforementioned Turtle Beach set. The Game Talk Pro 2 comes with different effect settings, activated by the press of a button on the set itself, so if you find yourself in need of a little bass boost one quick push and it’s there. Both the game and the voice comes through beautifully and each has it’s own individual volume control, very handy indeed when the whiny kid brigade invades your game.

The wireless side is a total cinch to set up, pop in an adaptor at the rear of the console ( thankfully the HDMI fits neatly underneath so there’s no need to buy any extra leads) switch on the set, sync with 360 and your good to go. The adaptor can be used with either HDMI or regular cables, good work Datel!

The headset is charged via the USB connection and after one initial charge I’m still up and running a good 10 hours later with no sign of a re-charge needed as yet.

The only downside with this headset, and it is very minor, is that there not quite as comfy on the ears as the Turtle Beach set. That’s not to say they’re not comfortable, they just feel a bit heavier on the old noggin than the TB’s.

All in all the Datel Game Talk Pro 2 is a superb headset, an absolute bargain and capable of enhancing any gaming session no end. If you’re in the market for a bargain set that still delivers a mighty punch then look no further.

Plus Points

  • Excellent, meaty and rich sound quality.
  • Completely wireless.
  • Bass boost really adds some punch.
  • Great price.

Negative Points

  • Slightly heavy on the head
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69 thoughts on “Datel Game Talk Pro 2 Wireless Headset: Reviewed

  1. Have you had any chance to compare them to the top end Turtle Beach wireless headsets? I was looking at one of those £100+ models but a £40 set would be magic instead. Apart from getting surround sound there doesn’t seem to be much of a bonus in the expensive stuff

  2. Unfortunately I haven’t mate. I’ve come close to buying the higher end Turtle Beach a couple of times but found it hard to justify the spend. Theses Datel ones here though definitely compare favourably to my X11′s for sound & the wireless is an absolute godsend. First time playing I almost did a William Wallace and screamed “FREEDOM!!!!!” :-)

  3. Do you think they would have any fault that would cause them not to work,I myself have been left down with turtle beach and their PX21′s (wiring issue) and I really dont want another to break but I would be willing to buy extra if their worth it.

    • It’s difficult to say as they’re still new to me, but I will be updating in a few weeks to comment on their continued performance or any problems that may have occurred.
      What I would say is that when I’ve had headsets die on me in the past, which has been pretty regularly, it’s always been a wiring problem, which this set cuts out altogether. So fingers crossed they’ll have a long life.
      I’ll update though on any loss of performance & battery life.
      Cheers for the comment.

      • I’ve had one for six months so far and am having problems with the charging system sometimes i get a good 6hrs out of my set and others 10 min. I’m woundering if this is due to over charge or idle energy usage while my xbox is turned off for days in a row. Thought i’d let you know my experiance with this set so far. Also some better instruction as to what all features do would have been nice in the packaging and differing tones for mute to unmute feature. otherwise I love this set when it works.

  4. All I can say at the moment is my set are still working beautifully, no loss of performance, battery life hasn’t dropped and there’s been no breaking up of the voice communications.

    I don’t know if two sets will work on one xbox, an adaptor plugs into the component socket so it could be unlikely, unless of course two sets can connect on the single adaptor.

  5. So, I take it this is a pretty new product? I was in the local (Canada) Future Shop last week looking for a headset mic. Had read reviews of the Turtle Beach problems (and wireless with all those wires?? wth??) and right there beside them was this. I went home and googled for some reviews but couldn’t find anything. Well I picked it up today, googled again while waiting for it to charge and here’s your review. Sounds like my leap of faith was a good one. I like the comfort (not too heavy to me, I have an old RCA wireless stereo headset that weighs a ton ;-) ) Now if they would just hurry up and finish charging, that 10 hours of battery life sounds great.

    On the two headsets question the way I read the manual it might be possible you could connect multiple headsets via the single transmitter (synching to different players) plugged into the xbox. Maybe you can find someone with another set and try it. I may have a friend getting one soon but he’s across the country so trying that might have to wait a while.

  6. I can confirm that you can daisy chain the adaptors and have 4 running on each console. only prob i found is that voice is recieved very quietly by other players. but for £40, i aint complaining, plus playing black ops i shout a lot anyway, so its all gravy. :]

  7. I have had a pair of these for a week now.Great sound on games.Usual poor sound on xbox live-misses first part of what someone says and very crackly.Thing is the battery lasts 2 hours before it beeps 3 times every minute to tell you its low!! continues to work for another hour or so but you cant play while its beeping – way too annoying.Where you get 10 hours I dont know.Probably going to return them.Maybe a faulty set who knows.

    • Might be you got a bad battery. Mine did finally charge that night, but it took almost 5 hours! So far I’ve used them about 3 hours and they just dropped the first charged bar, so now at 3 of 4 bars of charge. The beeping would be annoying, and not being able to use them while they recharge is a small inconvenience. Guess I’ll have to keep the old MS headset around.

      Agree about the chat cutout, that’s a fault of the software though I think. I blame the noise and cracking on the network connection, and I’ve been wondering if a better connection would help there, or if it is again the software to blame. I find what I do hear clearer than the MS chat ear, possibly because it is both ears and more focused because of the headphone cushions.

  8. Argos have a few of these but no reviews so thank you. I’m popping down there to get a pair today. I too have been looking at turtle beach but very expensive. I’ll be sure to pop back and update my thoughts on them.

    Keep up the good work :)

  9. Just a short update on my operating time experience with these…

    My first charge cycle ended the other night, about 6 hours of use, and the low battery beeping didn’t start until well into the last charge bar. I kept going to see how long the beeping would keep on, it was only a few minutes and they shut down.

    My second charge cycle didn’t seem to last as long, only about 4 hours, and it started right off by dropping the first charge bar almost immediately. I might have had my volume a little higher but not much. That is a bit worriesome. The charge should get better not worse over the first few cycles for new batteries.

    I’m charging my third charge cycle tonight. Hope it improves, or at least doesn’t get worse.

  10. Probably my last update here. Third charge I kept a close watch on the time and it came to about 7.5hours to the first low battery chime. I think the second charge cycle might have been short due to not powering off when not in use. I’m happy with 7.5hours, and the rest quality wise is decent or great. Overall I’d recommend them on my experience.

  11. Thanks for the review and comments. Can you still use it while it is charging. For example if the battery dies in the middle of a session, can I simply plug in the USB and use it like a “wired” headphone? Also, when the battery dies over the years, will I still be able to use it by keeping it charging continuously? I don’t think the battery is replaceable, right? Thanks!

    • Nope, can’t use it while it is charging, and it takes a few hours for a full charge. I expect there will be an web video instructable for taking it apart and replacing the battery eventually. I’m curious myself on what the batteries are but won’t mess with it until the warranty is up. That reminds me though, I need to do a search and see if anyone has taken one apart and posted a vid.

  12. Thanks for that DB. I just bought it and used it. I agree with all the comments posted so far. One new thing I noticed is that the sound stutters or cuts off for a micro second a few times every minute. I think it may be a connection problem or interference at my home. There shouldn’t be any interference as I am ony about 6 feet from the transmitter as I tested that it is good even up to 50 feet away before it starts to lose signal. Therefore I am well within range.

    When it does lose signal at around 50 feet (which is normal and expected), it stutters the same way as when I was only 6 feet away but only much more frequently (like every 5 seconds until signal is lost completely). Therefore, I think the *occassional* stutters I am experiencing during normal use at 6 feet away is signal related also.

    Another comment is that it feels like wearing winter ear muffs and gets a bit warm during long use (my ears, not the headset). This is not the fault of the Headset as I imagine all “cup” style headset will feel a bit uncomfortable and traps body heat from your ears.

    All in all, I really like my Game Talk Pro 2 and will give it a 9/10 for the following reasons:

    1) Price. Much MUCH lower than similar products.
    2) Works with HDMI (no other cables required).
    3) You can daisy-chain more headsets to use together.
    4) Completely wireless. No wires at all for BOTH sound and voicechat.
    5) While not an official xbox product, it works seemlessly well.
    6) I like the separate volume control for Sound and Voicechat.
    7) The 5 sound effect presets works easily and are useful.
    8) Excellent signal range.

    1) Sound stutters for a micro-second a few times every minute (this may be unique to me. Maybe too much electronics at my house).
    2) A bit bulky and the ear cups trap heat from your ears.
    3) Can’t use while charging (battery may die during middle of a game).
    4) Concern that battery may not be replaceble (in future when battery won’t hold charge anymore).

    Overall, I really recommend this product. It is clutter-free (wireless) and excellent price and excellent built quality.

  13. Please help! I try to charge and after every minute it has four lights and says it’s on full charge. Put it on my xbox and it has 1 battery. I am so frustrated and what to smack them of a wall. Is it just mine, please I need help

  14. This is a follow up to my earlier post.I said that my battery was only lasting a couple of hours.I think it’s similar to what Decs13 said in that all four lights were lit to indicate it was full but when I turned it on it only showed one “battery bar”. I plugged/unplugged/plugged in again and the charging lights continued for another few hours!! Then it had 4 “battery bars” and lasted about 7 hours until the low battery beeps started. If it carries on lasting this long I will be very pleased with these headphones.

  15. I noticed that if you press the Xbox guide, it recognize it as a wireless headset and shows a battery status icon with up to 4 battery bars.

  16. These give out great sound quality but the voice chat is not so good if u turn it up they make other players voice echo and is very hard to understand them. The battery charging is very intermitant i’ve had them about a month now and the 1st charge took about 5 and a hours and only reached a 3 bar charge over the next few weeks i’ve spent more time charging them than i’ve used them the longest time of usage is about 5 hours but that was after a double charge(8 hours). you plug them into charge and half an hour later the say there full so unplug them and plug them back in and the same thing again so try again some times they charge in 1 try but not very often i think in the month i’ve had these i’ve only reached a 4 bar charge 3-4 times and 2 of them was most probley after a double charge. I’m hoping this is just my set and its a fault with the charging system i’m returning them in a couple of days but not sure if to try another pair or go back to a wired pair save on the stress. I would not recomend these to anyone from my experience with them

    • Hi i have had the same problem with this head set only had them 3 week not a happy chap sending them back and not getting them again would not recomend these to anyone

  17. i got these yesterday easy to set up a loud hiss when no game sound but apart from that they seem ok after only a brief test will let you know what i think after further use.

  18. mine keep cutting out my xbox live connection and ea sports connection, they have also switched my console on during the night and tried to reset it. when i unplug the bluetooth it all corrects itself. is anyone else having these sorts of problems or am i just going mad. help!!!

    • Im having the same problem, i cant connect to the internet via xbox when the audia transmitter is plugged in. has anyone found an answer to this problem?

  19. Mine won’t sync… I’ve tried everything, but the mic won’t work or connect. I can only hear game sounds…. and yes, the chat volume is on. They just won’t sync with my Xbox.

  20. Seems like theres alot of people having problems with these :( I took mine back to argos with no problem returning them and i upgraded to a pair of Triton AX 180 they was an extra £15 (£55 total) but worth it they are wired but saves on the charging stress i had with this pair. If anyone is thinking of the Triton AX 180 they are a bit tricky set up if using a HDMI cable and need on extra adapter which is not supplied with them but i was lucky and had a spare i got with my gaming chair .
    Hope this helps and happy gaming people :)

  21. No probs here, mine work fine, a tad heavy but okay. The sound does cut for half a sec every now and then but there is a lot of WiFi in the house.
    Its cheap, but worth the money for what it does.

  22. I’ve owned and used turtlebeach X31 and x41 prior to these. Gave these a try after charging for the night and they are comparable for much less. I like that they are completely wireless and have a battery pack. One difference is that these headies have much more base which is awesome. Definitely recommend these phones…for the sound quality and price it’s a winner.

  23. Also…I’ve had no problems with sound cutting out or mix problems. I’m on wifi and the set up is a cinch and works great.

  24. I have these for a week now. They are great!
    set up was easy and sound is good.
    People in my party tell me my voice is not as clear as with my microsoft wireless head set though.

    Battery lasts an evening of gaming ( aprox. 5 hours ).

  25. i just bought this set, and very easy to set up..but im having one major issue, i can hear game audio, i can hear others chat, and i can even hear myself chat, but no one can hear me.. anyone else having this problem??
    and yes i made sure the mute button was not on, the headset syncs to the first quadrant, same as my controller.

    any ideas??


  26. wow this is making me mad i had the same problem as kyle ( the guy above me) last night…. BUT NOW my headset is completely not working it syncs to the xbox because i can see the quadrents lighting up… please help before i throw it in the fire place.

  27. I bought this headset a few days ago. Then I used it, then the battery ran out and I put it on charge and it won’t switch on.

  28. well I have had mine for about 2 months now & have not really had any of the problems others are saying with mine, maybe I was just lucky, I cant compare the sound quality from these to any other makes as they are the first gaming headset I have owned but they sound great to me, I am pretty happy with them over all for the price I think they are excellent value for money, it would have been nice if they were a little lighter as my neck tends to ache after a few hours of gaming but that maybe me as I suffer from arthritis in my neck & shoulders. The only other things I think could improve them is if the cups were slightly bigger so they would fit over the ear as that may make them a little more comfortable for longer gaming sessions & maybe being able to use rechargeable battery’s so no waiting for the headset to recharge.

  29. Datel Game Talk Pro 2 Wireless Headset: I bought a pair of these after reading all the coments on them,
    i did not like them at all they are very heavy, the ear pads do not stop any outside noise, the output sound is average 4/10.They look like something off an old episode of Dr Who (Cyber Men), the mic was very quite to my frainds i had to talk quite loud for them to hear me, but i will say the battry lasted about 5 1/2 hours (after full charge). The sound effects are not worth using, dose not make a grate diffrence ant you can only use 1 at a time eg:(bass or 3D) not at the same time anoying! I took mine back to Argos the very next day ang got my mony back. Overall i rate them 3/10 not a good buy i advise to try a pals pair first (if you can).
    I hope this was helpfull. P.S. KEEP YOUR RECIPT or you may regret it.

  30. Hello. I just bought a set of the afore mentioned headphones. Please, does anybody get a background hiss in theirs? Mine seem to hiss all the time. It’s very annoying. Thanks.

  31. i cant seem to get the game sound to come through my pair, i only hear voice communication. i dont know if i got a lemon, what gives?

  32. bought these 2 days ago. easy setup. charged up in 5 hours. charge only lasted 1.5 hours of playing. Left it on charge again for 7 hours. lasted only 2 hours. while online, people could hardly hear me. left it to charge over night. now will not turn on even though it says fully charged. plug back in to charge and lights flash. within 3 min says its charged again but will not turn on. tried different usb ports but no luck. this is the 3rd head set that really sucked.

    can anyone recommend a good head set?

  33. ive had this head set sense November and they have been great but now i cant use them with out the sound going on and off constantly so annoying going to return them dont no if it is a faulty set or i did something wrong when setting it up if anyone is having similar problems plz let me no and if you think or know any way to fix my problem

  34. I have a brand new Game Talk Pro-2 – I was able to charge it once. After that the connection between the mini USB and the headphones failed. I can get it to charge if I hold it at a particular angle. I can’t return it since i no longer have the receipt. My fault. It is excellent while it worked but the charging circuitry is very poor quality. Don’t purchase unless you are prepared to return it.

  35. All the feature or plus points of this head phones pair is enough good.But due the disadvantage of these headphones i can’t purchase it.My head can
    t hold loud and base voices.

  36. Hey, I have this headset and recently it hasstartes to lose connection with my console, during this loss of connection the game audio can be heard normally but my friends are really quiet, they also cannot hear me. When I go to the party menu in the guide it shows that the headset is no longer connected. It will reconnect itself within a few minutes usually with a short freeze ingame, when the game recovers from the freeze all is working fine, also I recently bought the MS speed wheel and installed the software, I was wondering if this might be the issue or it is an issue with the headset itself ? Any help would be appreciated

  37. Hi ermm my mic is getting faulty any suggestions on fixing it the problems are : it will make a wired noise like errrrr for like 2 seconds and restart its self or it will make my Xbox freeze for 2 seconds plz help me :)
    As I don’t want to replace it

    • This is exactly what mine was doing. I asked xbox support and datel support and all they could come up with was removing any items that could be causing interference. It didn’t help my set however but perhaps you might have more luck. Sorry I wasnt much help :)

    • Is it surround, well yes and no. It has several audio modes of which one is surround effects or 3D and it certainly has access to all 6 audio channels because of the way it connects to the Xbox. Is it true surround? well no, there is only one speaker for each ear but plenty of expensive headsets claim to be surround and only have one speaker for each ear so I remain skeptical. That being said, I think the 3D mode in the GTP2 sounds good and is the mode I use or used until my chat started fading out habitually. These days I am back using a generic MS one ear chat set (dreadful)

      • Thanks mike4440. I have decided not to get this . i now use tritton ax720 they are awesome i recommend they are surround sound.

      • Yep they are true surround. I almost bought one but the ear cups look small and they don’t have any swivel I think. Tritton are not sold in Australia as far as I am aware so it would be a costly exercise.

        I wish I could try a pair for fit but I fear they may not fit over my big ears. Ignoring the awesome sound, how do you find the comfort? Ear cup size etc.

      • Dear Mike,

        At first the trittons are huge and chunky!! But they make up for it in the sound department. Yes the ear cups are pretty big i would say bigger than your usual x12 per say. More importantly the ear cups do swivel just like the turtle beach x12′s which in and out swivel mechanisim. However mike once you put them on after sometime you forget they are there sometimes i even wear them when am not even using sitrep pro in mw3 hahahahaha. You said they are not sold down under is there a chance they are sold in new zeland then you can import them? In uk they are sold £99-109 brand new just in case you wanted to know. In short they are an awesome headset.

  38. I got the same problem too. The freezes appears randomly, sometimes after 5 minutes or half an hour. The problem started to appear after the latest Dashboard update. I wonder could it be the reason? Posted to Datel about it but no answer. It doesn’t matter if the tv is connected with HDMI or through adapter, the problem still appears. Sometimes after the freeze the headset can’t connect to Xbox and I have to reboot it. Has anyone found the solution for the problem? I haven’t tried clearing Hard Drive cache yet.

  39. My charging failed also but I found it was the supplied cable that was dodgey. I plugged in cable from my portable 2.5 hard disk and it charged and has been pretty good provided I unplug it and re-plug it a half day before a session to reset the charge circuitry so it gets a full charge.

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