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Remember Me: The Pandora Archive out now

Remember Me, the memory jacking, wall leaping, combo unleashing, cyber punking, adventure title that we haven’t reviewed yet (it’s coming I tells ya!) has received a few extra chapters thanks to new eBook – Remember Me: The Pandora Archive.

Capcom have teamed up with British author, Scott Harrison and Orb Entertainment, to bring a brand new adventure set several months prior to the events of the game that we have yet to review (I haven’t been ‘in the zone’ yet!)

Basically former elite memory hunter, Nilin, is back, joined this time by some devastating Neo-Paris rocking bomb blasts, former memory hunter turned Errorist, Trix who gets blamed for the explosive attacks, a S.A.B.R.E. force squadron who plan a retaliatory assault on slum 404 and a whole load of futuristic excitement that is sure to whet the appetites of those craving another helping of the Remember Me pie.


The eBook (why do I always think of Yorkshire when I hear that?) is available to download right now across Europe and North America on Kindle, Kobo, and Google Play among others.

Get it whilst it’s hot and I promise that by the time you’ve read it our Remember Me review will be more than just a pipedream.

For more information on the eBook release please contact Orb Entertainment on

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