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Five Games I Want To See On Xbox One and PS4

Here in my own little bubble where reality takes a backseat to fantasy and I’m a reasonably respected writer and authority on all things gaming, it also stands to reason that the good folks at both Microsoft and Sony are willing to do what it takes to make me buy their new consoles.

So, with that in mind and from the safety of the bubble I thought I’d tell them about five games I demand to see make a return on the next generation should they wish to avoid the wrath of bubbleboy!

Stop chewing Sony, sit up straight Microsoft, now, let’s begin.

Lords of Midnight

When Mike Singleton brought his strategic first person wargame/adventure title to the Sinclair Spectrum he changed my life forever.

I was a wide-eyed kid lost in this incredible world where I would pit my armies of the Free against the dark forces of the evil Doomdark, where I would continually try, and fail, to steal and destroy the Ice Crown with the boy Morkin, where Luxor the Moonprince would travel the lands recruiting the Lords to his cause, and where I never really knew what to do with Corleth the Fey.

It was the game that first made me realise how much scope gaming had for taking the player into these vast lands and delivering something more than the throwaway fare I’d been used to.

Lords of Midnight recently found a home as a mobile game and has also been tinkered with by fans for play on PC, but, a full blown remake or new chapter for the next gen consoles would be truly spectacular and make me feel like that wide eyed kid again.


The Football Manager Series

I know it works like a dream on PC and it’s easier to control and there’s no real need to bring it back to console, but, can we just do it anyway?

I was one of the few that really enjoyed being able to play FM on my original Xbox. There were achievements to chase and there was a nice big TV screen to play on from the comfort of the sofa, surely that alone is reason enough. I love FM, but when a mammoth session sees me perched on the swivel chair in front of 17” display and a numb arse combined with the urge to spin the chair leaves me sore and dizzy it’s not so good.

Actually on the back of that revelation please just release it back into the console wilds on grounds of my own health and safety.


Jet Set Willy

I’ve returned to the dusty archives of gaming history here. When I was a kid Jet Set Willy was legendary.

The God of 2D platforming and a little bit mental to boot. If I remember right the gist of the game was that Jet Set Willy was hungover and had to travel his mansion collecting items from the night before…or something like that.

But, it’s a mansion of utter madness with weird creatures and giant safety pins all out to do you in, rope swings that required the sort of timing the speaking clock would be proud of and of course a glitch that meant the game was impossible to complete.

But despite that, I was hooked for months. The desire to see the next room and discover the mansion’s secrets pulled me like the Death Star tractor beam on 11 and every new discovery had me shouting for my Brother so he could gaze upon the glory with me.

A new version of this could be potentially the most wonderfully insane slice of video gaming brilliance to ever grace our consoles.

Let’s do this.


I loved the original Bully, I loved it more than GTA IV and spent far more time in Jimmy’s shoes than I ever did in Nico’s.

It was a breath of fresh air and felt like I’d finally found the true follow-up to old time school-em-up, Skool Daze, another spectrum classic where I spent far too long writing obscenities on the blackboard and not enough actually working out what you were supposed to do in the game.

Rumours are rife that a follow-up to Bully is in the pipeline, I can only hope the rumours are built on solid ground and soon enough I can once again live out my Grange Hill fantasies in glorious new wave graphics.

The original game felt big enough but the scope that the new consoles could offer this could be something very special.



I’ve read about it, watched videos of it and dreamed about it, but I’ve never actually had a chance to play the Arma II Mod, DayZ. This is largely due to the fact that my own PC begins to groan and creak at the mere mention of playing something with graphics.

But, one day, hopefully on console, I’ll be able to finally get a taste of this zombie survival shooter.

Everything I read about it sounds amazing, in fact everything sounds so amazing that it almost goes without saying that when I finally play a little chances are my expectations won’t be matched. But, if this title can even get close to touching them I can guarantee I’ll be one very happy gamer.

All I know is zombies, survival and a huge open world sounds like a dream come true…what, yeah, of course I’m still talking about the game.

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