Join the Team

Fancy putting your passion for gaming and writing into practice?

Well, here at Decades we’re on the lookout for talented new people keen to get involved in the present and future of the site.

What we seek is good folk willing to contribute as often as is physically possible, whether this is a couple of times a month with reviews, opinion pieces and features etc or on an almost daily basis bringing the latest game and movie news to the masses is entirely up to you.

If you have a flair for making the mundane seem downright thrilling, picking through the latest game releases for high’s and low’s or just want a podium to vent your spleen on the gaming world we know so well then you will be made very welcome.

What we can offer is simply a chance to get your work out there in the public eye. There is the potential for review copies of games down the line as well,we have solid relationships with a number of publishers and developers but please don’t come to us purely looking for early review copies.

If interested please send us a brief intro on yourself and your experience (don’t worry though if this is your first foray into games journalism, everyone starts somewhere.) Any links to your work would be appreciated or if you don’t currently have anything published a brief snippet of review, feature or opinion piece would be ideal.

All applications to: DecadesinaDigitalWorld

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